Récapitulatif 2017-01

jeudi 11 mai 2017
Catégorie(s) :
                            Version 2017.3
+ added Intelligent Mail (USPS) barcode
+ added MaxiCode barcode
+ added property Report.ReportInfo.Tag
+ added property Report.ReportInfo.SaveMode
+ added support functions with optional parameters
* added thread-safe collections support for .net 4

+ added ability of multi-line editing of Report.ReportInfo.Description and Report.ReportInfo.Tag
- fixed bug with wrong width of different lines of border

+ added ability to embed any file in PDF export with methods: PDFExport.AddEmbeddedXML, PDFExport.AddEmbeddedFile
- fixed creating blank page after a table in RTF and Word2007 exports
- fixed bug with bands Exportable property
- fixed appearance of dates in Excel2007 export
- fixed bug with padding and height of text in PDF export
- fixed bug with black boxes in exports

+ added new example for working with ZUGFeRD and PDF/A-3b \Demos\C#\ZUGFeRD 
+ added new example for Web API \Demos\C#\Web\WebApi  
- fixed bug with relative path to JSON file in JSON connector

+ added properties WebReport.RequestHeaders, WebReport.ResponseHeaders
+ added catching of exceptions on call of WebReport.DesignerSaveCallBack
- fixed page margins in printing from browser
- fixed bug with lines in HTML export and WebReport
- fixed TTF exceptions processing for PDFExport

  [Online Designer]
+ added support of new property ReportInfo.Tag in Report object
- fixed muli-level view of childs links
- property Padding can contain only integer values
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Patrice Pechereau


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